Really Interesting People!

Really Interesting People!.


About phylburton

I live in south-west Surrey in England. I am an author of two published books. I love singing, water-colour painting, walking, Cornwall and of course writing and reading good books. My second book - PAPER DREAMS - was published by Matador (Troubador Publishing) Ltd. on 1st December 2011. I recently changed publishers for my book A PASSING STORM and it was RELAUNCHED and REPUBLISHED by Matador (imprint of Troubador Publishing Ltd) Leicester, England on 1st February. See my website:
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One Response to Really Interesting People!

  1. Dave Wise says:

    I hope I’m getting more interesting as I get older! I try to keep busy physically and mentally. I write in my retirement. Sometimes I get frustrated and angry that I don’t have too much time left to do the things I want to do. But, when I think about it, I don’t have any real regrets!

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