Dream, dream, dream…

Everyone dreams, but not everyone can remember them in the morning.  Don’t you find that frustrating sometimes?   I suppose there are some dreams that you would rather forget and hope that you will never have them again and some dreams to which you would love to return. But as so often happens as you desperately try to recapture the moment, that elusive something refuses to come back.

In a recent short story which has been included in my latest book ‘Fifteen Brushes with LOVE!, entitled ‘PORTRAIT OF A DREAM’, a woman grew up having the same dream about a truly handsome man. Once she married, the dreams stopped, but…when the marriage failed, the dreams started again.  Here is the start of the story:


I couldn’t believe it, my dream man was back and my heart pounded with excitement. He stood on the other side of the courtyard, staring at me: I was totally lost and instantly under his spell again.

‘Come to me, please come to me,’ he murmured. His voice was as soft as velvet and it floated as if on a zephyr breeze. His full-length robe had golden edges that gleamed like the early morning sunshine and his long blond hair moved gently as he moved his head. He was magnificent. A cry of pleasure escaped from my lips as his outstretched arms beckoned to me. ‘Come to me my dearest. It is time and I need you…oh how I need you,’ he pleaded.

Recognition flared briefly as his deep blue eyes bored into mine, piercing my soul and heightening my already receptive senses. Pure joy, strange distantly remembered love, longing and peace settled over me like a warm silken blanket. I was being cosseted beyond my wildest dreams. I was a compliant and happy slave, a helpless moth hovering and flitting over a flame and I ran towards him.  I could feel the sun filtering through the gently swaying palm-trees circling the courtyard. A heady perfume exuded from the tropical plants surrounding the ornate fountain in the centre and the sound of water trickling and flowing over stones was like gentle music to my ears. This was a peaceful paradise interrupted only by the sound of bees, fluttering their sun-drenched golden wings around me.  I was nearly there…”

It was then that she woke up!  But dreams come in different guises.   People sometimes say ‘Sweet Dreams’ when saying goodnight to you.  But are they always ‘sweet’ or are they nightmares instead?  Who can tell which sort you will experience each night as you close your eyes and go to sleep.

But you don’t necessarily have to be asleep to dream.  In my book PAPER DREAMS the central character, a young librarian, Katie Nicholson, is a good case in point.  Katie often spent her time day-dreaming, and as a librarian she was sent to an old creepy mansion to catalogue the books after the death of the elderly owner. She entered the house…

“She stared at the staircase and soon imagined herself being rapidly transported backwards in time – back to the moment in history that had always fascinated her  …Beautiful crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, reflecting one hundred-fold, the many candles which lit up the fairy-tale imaginary scene. There were baskets and vases everywhere which were crammed full with flowers and she could almost smell the heady intoxicating perfume they exuded. Women with elaborate crinoline dresses, appeared to float down the stairs, the hems of their dresses making a slight rustling sound as they descended. Each woman’s hair was expertly coiffured and dotted with jewels and real flowers and they drew expensive looking fans across their heavily made-up faces in a feigned effort to conceal their mock coquettishness. The women were all being received at the foot of the stairs by their equally well-dressed and bewigged menfolk as they bent elegantly dressed knees in deep bows and patronising sweeps of their arms. The lace cuffs of their sleeves just grazed the floor as they looked up with feigned expressions of love. To complete the picture, footmen with white powdered wigs and haughty expressions on their faces, weaved in and out of the assembled throng, handing round glasses of wine and delicious looking canapés, all displayed and served from ornate Georgian silver trays. The sound of a string quartet playing a Mozart minuet appeared to drift into the hall through one of the open doorways. Katie could hear the excited chatter of happy people having the time of their lives. Just then everyone seemed to stop what they were doing. They turned and walked towards her, their arms outstretched in greeting…”

This day-dream was pure indulgence on Katie’s behalf, but as an intuitive person her nightmares often seemed to come true!   In this extract she has fallen asleep on a train.

“She found herself in a huge cavernous room.  She was surrounded by bookshelves and cupboards and they all appeared to be leaning towards her. Books hung at crazy angles and somewhere even suspended in thin air, whilst others littered the floor. Confused thoughts of fear and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness, invaded her mind. Misty overwhelming shadows floated around her…and feelings of dread enveloped her.  What was going on?  She felt compelled to place the books back on to the shelves.  And just like an automaton, Katie circled the room, but as fast as she picked them up, more fell silently around her. Nightmarish ghostly pieces of paper and parts of books swirled around her head. She raised both arms in front of her face to protect herself.

A peculiar noise made her turn around in alarm.  A man appeared in a doorway which had loomed out of nowhere, and without any warning he threw something at her. Books…more books rained down upon her as a hideous smile spread across his frightening face.  His demonic eyes burned into hers and Katie felt real terror. She struggled and fought to protect herself from this onslaught as her whole world became a storm…a total blizzard of small pieces of paper. She could no longer see anything, but she could feel…evil…and menace. She awoke with a jolt. “

As the story progresses, Katie has several reasons to remember this particular nightmare.

So dream on, dear reader, dream on…and remember most people dream a lot more than they realise.  As far as remembering a dream is concerned, you will probably only be able to recall the ones you have immediately before waking,   But don’t lie awake being too afraid to go back to sleep in case the bogeyman gets you!  SWEET DREAMS!

About phylburton

I live in south-west Surrey in England. I am an author of three published books, and I have another book of short stories due for publication in March 2018. I love singing, water-colour painting, walking, Cornwall and of course writing and reading good books. All three of my books - A PASSING STORM, PAPER DREAMS and WHEN THE ICE MELTS, were published by Matador (Troubador Publishing) Ltd. WHEN THE ICE MELTS was published in August 2016. My next book - THE POWER OF LOVE - is due to be published by Bridge House Publishing in March 2018. For more details about me and my writing, please go to my website: www.phyllisburton.com
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5 Responses to Dream, dream, dream…

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  2. John Holt says:

    I very rarely dream. Or to be honest I very rarely remember my dreams. Sometimes I recall bits of a dream, generally mixed up and (on the face of it) meaningless. I’m not one for analysing dreams and looking for deep hidden meanings. Anyway I wish you well with your book of short stories. the taster posted here sounds great

    • phylburton says:

      Thank you, John. When you think of Lewis Carroll and his book Alice in Wonderland, in a dream your mind can jump easily from one situation to another and without any rhyme or reason: that is why I find dreams so fascinating. The human brain is like a remarkable computer.

  3. Julia Bodie says:

    I wish I could remember my dreams and make a note of the better ones. Trouble is if I was to write the details down in the middle of the night, I would not go back to sleep and in the morning the details have mostly been forgotten.

    I believe some of some of my dreams would make terrific stories (maybe even a film!).Sometimes I am happy to wake up from them though – we all have the sort of nightmares that leave us awakening in a cold sweat.

    PAPER DREAMS is a great story; full of intrigue and romance and as I know it so well, I can report on it with authority. Give it a go, you won’t be sorry.

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