Hello world!

Why do people write?   Some people seem to know instinctively how to write down their thoughts.   Others play at it:  they sit at their desks fingers or pens poised and then wonder why their minds have suddenly become blank.   “I’ve had a bad writing day,” they say.   “Nothing came to mind and the words I did write, I deleted because they were all rubbish.”

Personally I love to put my thoughts and those of my characters on to paper.   Imagination is everything, but any story is nothing without conflict and adding it makes all the difference to the reader.   When criticising a television programme the other day, a friend said. “I get a little tired of everything going wrong:  why can’t the characters in this soap be happy?”

I replied, “Is everybody happy all the time?   Most people go through life encountering a series of peaks and troughs   No, life isn’t always happy.   People  would easily become bored if the characters in a story or a soap, or play were always happy and contented”.   Imagine a news reader commenting on the lack of news one evening.    ‘Sorry,”  he is saying, “nothing much has happened to day, except for the fact that several people I know celebrated their birthdays.”   He gives a weak smile.

So you see, conflict, worry, floods, accidents, deaths, unhappiness and illness, are a natural weapon for a writer.    I started writing many years ago for my children.   I loved the looks on their faces as the young characters in the stories went through some sort of conflict, or danger.   I remember reading most of the Famous Five books when I was young and their escapades and adventures  with their pet dog Timmy, have remained with me ever since.   I now read my stories to my grandchildren.

I didn’t write very much for some time until my father became ill.  When he died, I was bereft and the only thing I could think of was to write a book.   So I did:  it was called A PASSING STORM and it was published in 2006.   I wouldn’t say that I was a fast writer, because my second story PAPER DREAMS only came out on the 1st December 2011.    I am in the process of writing a third and who knows when that will be published.   But I shall keep on reading a lot, writing a lot including short stories and hopefully selling a few.

So, at the beginning of this little blog, I asked the question “Why do people write?”    Are there any answers?

About phylburton

I live in south-west Surrey in England. I am an author of three published books, and I have another book of short stories due for publication in March 2018. I love singing, water-colour painting, walking, Cornwall and of course writing and reading good books. All three of my books - A PASSING STORM, PAPER DREAMS and WHEN THE ICE MELTS, were published by Matador (Troubador Publishing) Ltd. WHEN THE ICE MELTS was published in August 2016. My next book - THE POWER OF LOVE - is due to be published by Bridge House Publishing in March 2018. For more details about me and my writing, please go to my website: www.phyllisburton.com
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